Cocktail Slippers

Cocktail Slippers

Spilledag:Saturday 06. august 2022
Sted:Barrikaden Blueskro

This concert is going to blow you away! Cocktail Slippers are one Norways most unique rock bands. They released their fifth studio album “Shout It Out Loud!” september last year. It says these are tremendous live band with sing-a-long rock songs, wild, visual outfits.


Cocktail Slippers is Little Steven´s absolute favourite band from Norway. Through the past two decades, the band has been radio-listed on several continents, guest on a number of TV programs, and was strongly represented in the popular Netflix series Lilyhammer.


The band has also been able to enjoy several meetings with big stars as Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen, as well as time spent with legends as Jimmy Page, Joan Jett and Blondie. 


Cocktail Slippers has never been particularly concerned with genre or “janteloven”. On the other hand, they have a strong passion for making joy, music and playing concerts. And as women in rock bands, they have occasionally been met by a number of comments that the opposite gender don´t need to. Cocktail Slippers have always made songs they love, without any worries about what reviewers or rock police might consider. There is a fairly wide range of songs, music genres and themes on Cocktail Slippers´ new album, although the common features for the whole album is melodic vocal lines and catchy guitar riffs.