Lisa Lystam Family Band

Lisa Lystam Family Band

Spilledag:Saturday 06. august 2022

The Swedish blues favorites in the Lisa Lystam Family Band created a bomb atmosphere with their concerts at the Notodden Blues Festival in 2019. Now they are coming back, and they are better than ever. Lisa Lystam Family Band conquered Sweden, then they conquered Norway and when they were in full swing to conquer Europe, the pandemic occurred. Now they are on their way again, and they still seem unstoppable. The band is closer, more experienced and has an even better catalog of their own songs. Vocalist Lisa Lystam is tougher, safer and an even better singer than she was at the previous Notodden visit. All this makes the popular band an even bigger audience attraction. Svenska Dagbladet writes: «Lisa Lystam is an excellent singer with a wide register and a stage authority. As a vocalist, she is at the center, but it is the group's overall effort that really impresses ”. We are pleased to announce the Lisa Lystam Family Band returning to the Notodden Blues Festival. This will be a guaranteed success, and an experience you must not miss.