Wild Whens

Wild Whens

Spilledag:Saturday 06. august 2022

Wild Whens was started in 2016 and has established itself with its own type of sound within the country-rock genre. Since the debut single "Captain In The Sand" was released in 2017, there have been 9 singles and 1 album on the Telemarks band, which has resulted in over 7 million streams and approx. 83,000 regular listeners worldwide. Among the band's most popular songs are "Sally Saloon" which has over 3 million streams alone, "Romeo" (1.2 million), "Steamtrain Jane", "Tornado" and the aforementioned "Captain In The Sand". Country rockers have been on the road a lot since the start and have a reputation for delivering concerts with a lot of impact and energy. With Wild Whens, you get catchy and varied rock songs full of hits inspired by country, folk and Southern American culture.