Tribute to Sven Zetterberg

Tribute concert to Sven Zetterberg

Spilledag:Saturday 06. august 2022
Sted:Notodden Teater

Sven Zetterberg has meant an enormous amount to the Blues in Scandinavia. Sven was a Swedish blues giant. If he was popular in Sweden, he was almost as popular in Norway. Sven Zetterberg received the NBF Blues Prize already in 2002. He passed away far too early in 2016. This year, Sven Zetterberg would have turned 70 years old. That was not to be. In this, which would be Sven's anniversary year, we will honor him with a Tribute concert at Notodden Blues Festival. The concert is carried by musicians from what was Sven Zetterberg Blues Band plus Swedish Mr. Bo and Marino Valle and our own Knut Reiersrud.