Jace Everett and Amund Maarud

Jace Everett & Amund Maarud

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Jace Everett and Amund Maarud are finally ready for a concert in Norway in a full band format. Jace Everett, the man behind hits such as "Bad Things" and "Your Man", has teamed up with one of Norway's best guitarists and genre explorers, Amund Maarud. With a strong band and two newly released EPs with new written material, the stage is set for a concert experience of the very rare kind.

Everett and Maarud have created a completely unique musical universe that draws on the best from the two artists. There are generous traces of both blues and rock and the guitars make the air tremble. Jace appears as the great vocalist and front man that he is. Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and Howlin´Wolf come to mind. On stage, these two are an explosion of energy and communication skills. We can only look forward to Nashville meeting Norway in this exclusive concert.