Spoonful of Stones

Spoonful of Stones

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Spoonful of Stones is a band project consisting of experienced musicians with deep respect for the early, blues-related material of The Rolling Stones. The repertoire includes some the best blues songs that The Rolling Stones released on record in the years 1963-65, highlights from the Grammy-winning blues album "Blue & Lonesome" from 2016 as well as a few well-chosen and well-known Stone classics.

The band basically consists of members from two bands: Spoonful of Blues from Notodden and The Rolling Clones from Bergen. Jostein Forsberg and Morten Omlid dare to be known as the two leaders of Spoonful of Blues - one of Norway's leading blues rock bands. Bård Ose and Mads Eriksen have since 1982 fronted the tribute band The Rolling Clones. Eriksen is also known for his long-standing collaboration with Chris Thompson from Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Many people also know Bård Ose from NRK and popular programs such as P.I.L.S. and Radio Rock. The solid rhythm section Bård Gunnar Moe (Rita Engedalen Band) and Knut Hem (Reidar Larsen, Øystein Sunde, Henning Kvitnes, Respatexans, etc.) complete the band.

Spoonful of Stones is Jostein Forsberg (vocals, harmonica), Bård Ose (vocals, percussion), Morten Omlid (guitar), Mads Eriksen (guitar), Bård Gunnar Moe (bass) and Knut Hem (drums).