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What do you get with a tight and tough trio of guitar, bass and drums, supplemented by a swinging brass band? The correct answer is Anita Nordheim Blues ‘n’ Groove Company. Anita Nordheim Blues ‘n’ Groove Company is a band that makes its mark both on the record, streaming and concert front during the day. The attention surrounding the band has really skyrocketed after convincing mentions and strong streaming numbers in the wake of the debut album “Despite” in 2022. Anita Nordheim Blues ‘n’ Groove Company has its main base in Bergen, where several of the band members live, while vocalist and saxophonist Anita Nordheim is based in the industrial district of Høyanger. The band members came together as a result of a strong shared interest in blues, groove and soul music. As with the more than a hundred-year-old metal industry in Høyanger, Anita Nordheim’s musical expression is also a melting pot. The band’s repertoire primarily draws inspiration from American rock, blues and soul, but also contains touches of funk and jazz. Anita Nordheim Blues ‘n’ Groove Company plays blues and groove music – raw, with feeling and without any juggling. The band started as a tribute to some of the most distinctive female artists in music history, but the project quickly developed into something more. After a solid start with club concerts and some festival gigs, the band went into the studio and recorded music signed by the group’s two songwriters, Anita Nordheim and Tore Kvalvik. Anita Nordheim Blues ‘n’ Groove Company consists of Anita Nordheim (lead vocals, baritone and alto saxophone), Tore Kvalvik (guitar), Mikael C Jørgensen (drums), Peter Sæverud (Bass), Hans Marius Andersen (Trumpet) and Håvar Skaugen (Tenor Saxophone).