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Jarle Bernhoft is a rare Norwegian soul artist, and with his distinctive voice and great stage presence, he will delight the festival audience at Notodden on the opening day, Thursday August 3. Bernhoft has dominated Norwegian concert and festival stages for over 20 years. He has one of Norway’s greatest voices, is a gifted guitarist and a very unique songwriting talent. Bernhoft has been successful at the Notodden Blues Festival in the past. None of those who were present at Bernhoft’s legendary concert at Brygga in 2012 will ever forget it. It was magic from the beginning to the end.

Since then, Bernhoft has added to his career nationally and internationally with constantly new best-selling albums full of hit songs and a multitude of television appearances. The winter of 2022, Bernhoft was on the Norwegian TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” and a mentor on The Voice Norway.

Bernhoft has been honoured with several awards during his career. He has two Spellemann awards, and can boast of a prestigious Grammy Awards nomination in the category Best R&B album, for the album “Islander” in 2014. The Norwegian soul star has also been a guest on major American talk shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Conan O ‘Brien show. Bernhoft is coming to Notodden to create a modern soul party on Thursday August 3 with a full band, back up singers and a set list full of lovely and well-known tunes.