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Grammy-recipient Mike Farris is ready for Notodden Blues Festival 2023. Farris is a God-given vocalist and stage personality. With a singing voice that combines Bon Scott and Al Green, Mike Farris delivers each and every song with the electricity of Saturday night and devoutly intensity of Sunday morning.


The music of Mike Farris is very versatile and has roots in early American blues, gospel, rock and soul. Farris has sung blues and rock as the frontman of The Schreaming Cheatah Wheelies and with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s former band Double Trouble, and in 2015 he received a Grammy award for the album “Shine for all the People” in the category “Best Roots Gospel album”.


Mike Farris has enough heart, soul and energy to light up an entire city. In his unique way, he mixes Memphis soul, New Orleans gospel and southern blues in a performance that is soulful, honest and beautiful to the bone.


Mike Farris quickly made a name for himself after a short but hectic tour in Norway last autumn. Then he also stopped by Notodden as part of the concert “A Blues Night To Remember”. It was a Notodden debut that was talked about loudly, and the refrain from everyone this evening was that Mike Farris had to come back to the blues festival next summer. We can now confirm that he does. Farris will play a concert in Heddal stave church and several other festival stages, as well as that he will contribute to Little Steven’s Blues School. At the concerts at Notodden, Mike Farris is backed up by the popular JT Lauritsen & the Buckshot Hunters.