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In 2023, Rita Engedalen and Margit Bakken can celebrate 20 years together as the concert artists “Women in Blues”. Over the years, Engedalen and Bakken have visited most places in Norway with “Women in Blues”, and they have toured internationally as “Women in Blues” in countries such as the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. And they are just as popular everywhere. With its origins in Notodden, “Women in Blues” have naturally played at the Notodden Blues Festival countless times throughout these 19 years together. It is therefore entirely appropriate that the Notodden Blues Festival is the venue for a magnificent 20th anniversary with both a concert and its own exhibition. In the last year, Rita Engedalen has spent a lot of time on her solo career with a tour and new critically acclaimed album “Sun Will Come”. The album has garnered excellent reviews and received radio play both in Norway and abroad. Despite this great success, Engedalen will devote a lot of time to “Women in Blues” in connection with the 20th anniversary. Engedalen and Bakken released the album “Broken Soul Blues” in 2012 under their international stage name “Women in Blues”. It’s getting to be a while. That’s why it’s gratifying to hear that new music is in the works. In connection with the anniversary concert, “Women in Blues” and the band will offer both newly written material and a well-chosen selection of their most popular songs. The exhibition “Women in Struggle”, which Rita Engedalen and Margit Bakken created for this year’s LO congress, will be shown at Notodden as part of their anniversary project for the festival. It will be the first time that this exhibition is shown in a context where it is open and accessible to everyone.