Claudia Scott

Spilledag:Saturday 07. august 2021

Claudia Scott is showered with praise for both her record releases and concerts. Scott released his first solo album in 1992 and has tirelessly paved the way and been in the driver's seat of what has now become the popular music form Americana, a common term for music that includes rock, rhythm & blues, country and folk. Claudia Scott has only gotten tougher over the years in her musical expression and is now referred to in the Norwegian music press as "The First Lady of Rock" and "Norways Americana Queen".

As a musician and songwriter, Claudia Scott is a fearless artist who has dared to go her own way in the search for her own musical identity. She has a number of critically acclaimed albums behind her that have given her two Spellemann Awards (Norwegian Grammys) and a long list of Spellemann nominations. On top of this, Claudia Scott has received three prestigious songwriting awards in the United States.

Claudia Scott has been busy on both the creative side and the live front since her comeback in 2014 with the album "Follow The Lines", an album that earned her a well-deserved Spellemann Award. Last year, she was one of the artists in the popular program "Every time we meet", which helped even more people open their eyes to this fantastic artist.