Dance With A Stranger

Spilledag:Thursday 05. august 2021
Sted:Hovigs Hangar

Dance With A Stranger had their real breakthrough in 1988. The same year that the Notodden Blues Festival was held for the first time. The same year, the band received the Spellemann Prize (Norwegian Grammys) for their debut album Dance With A Stranger, which sold an impressive 125,000 copies. They got another Spellemann in 1989 for their follow-up album "To". Dance With A Stranger became perhaps the country's largest band and was honored with the award "Spellemann of the Year" during the Spellemann Prize in 1991.

The career has continued through all these years with some breaks in periods. These breaks have made it possible for the front figures Frode Alnæs and Øyvind "Elg" Elgenes to make it big with their own careers. Their success and central place in the spotlight has helped to further strengthen Dance With A Stranger's position as one of Norway's most popular concert and festival bands.

Dance With A Stranger offers of course big hit songs that we all know as Everyone Needs a Friend, The Invisible Man and Dance With A Stranger, but they also offer re-wrapping and updated arrangements of the other songs from their well-tuned repertoire that have become concert favorites through years of touring around the country. Dance With A Stranger draws its inspiration from blues and jazz, soul, rock and pop, and the response to the concerts from both the press and the audience shows that the band has retained its relevance and is still in a class of its own among Norway's most popular bands. Dance With A Stranger will play on the festival's opening day on Thursday August 5th.