Gumbo, Grits and Gravy

Spilledag:Friday 06. august 2021

Gumbo, Grits & Gravy to Norway for the first time

We at Notodden Blues Festival are proud to be able to introduce Gumbo, Grits & Gravy with musicians Guy Davis, Anne Harris and Marcella Simien to Norway for the first time. Gumbo, Grits & Gravy is a party of a band and their music offers exactly what the name promises; a multitude of styles mixed together into an irresistible and perfectly seasoned musical homemade meal built on long traditions and local recipes.

With three entertaining musicians, three vocals, guitars, fiddle, washboard and accordion, one realizes that this is music from the American southern states with acoustic blues, Zydeco, Cajun and Americana as main ingredients. It would be hard to find a more contemporary band right now. This band is perfect in relation to what is a popular and rapidly growing musical expression in Norway at the moment.

Gumbo, Grits & Gravy go back to the deepest roots of Americana music. Few, if any, know the original acoustic blues better than Guy Davis. As the daughter of two-time Grammy-winning artist Terrance Simien, Zydeco's music flows like a river in the veins of Marcella Simien while violinist Anne Harris has built her career on a distinctive blend of Celtic music, American folk-rock, soul, afrobeat and chamber music. Harris has a background as a violinist with Otis Taylor and Jefferson Starship. As our own local favorites in Terry Lehns, Gumbo, Grits & Gravy is a carefully thought-out musical stew served with an infectious mood and a twinkle in the eye.

Through their extreme musical knowledge and deep family traditions, Gumbo, Grits & Gravy is a celebration of musical authenticity and cultural diversity. Together with artists such as Rhiannon Giddens, Dom Flemons and Blind Boy Paxton, they stand as flag bearers in the renewed interest in original American black music. Gumbo, Grits & Gravy is really a Norwegian debut to look forward to in excitement.