Ole Paus & Motorpsycho

Spilledag:Saturday 07. august 2021
Sted:Hovigs Hangar

So, Ole Paus had not retired anyway. He has tricked us again - thankfully! “This is both a surprising and exciting collaboration and obviously something for the audience at Notodden. The little we have heard from the upcoming album shows that the man who long ago proclaimed loudly and clearly that he retired from a long music life, is again full of energy and creative joy. I am impressed,” says a committed Jostein Forsberg at Notodden Blues Festival. The album titled "So Close, So Close" will be released on Friday, January 31st. Ole Paus & Motorpsycho has been honored to open the Saturday in Hovig's Hangar and with that start the party at Notodden on Saturday 7th August.