FridayAugust 2kl. 18:30Bellmann

With Deep Purple as the headliner on this year’s rock Friday at Notodden, it is only right to bring in the Notodden region’s classic rock heroes and export product KAASIN to create an atmosphere earlier in the day.

KAASIN was established in 2020 as a kind of extension of the audience favorites Come Taste The Band. The hard-working and popular band is led by former Come Taste the Band guitarist, Jo Henning Kaasin.

Known for his collaboration with i.a. Glenn Huges (Deep Purple) and Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Jo Henning founded the band KAASIN together with bassist Ståle Kaasin who had time from local bands such as Spider, Humbucker and 2020 Vision. KAASIN is fronted by vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad, internationally known from bands such as Saint Deamon, Highland Glory and TNT. Drummer Per-Morten Bergseth has a background in collaboration with, among others, JORN and WIG WAM. KAASIN has Erling Henanger on keyboards.

KAASIN released his debut single and video “RUNAWAY TRAIN” in 2020. The song has been an international success. In 2021, KAASIN launched their debut album, “FIRED UP” on the German record company Pride & Joy Music and the band has over 1 million plays on Spotify. “FIRED UP” has received scintillating criticism both nationally and internationally and was named album of the year 2021 by the readers of Norway’s largest online music site, ROCKMAN.

KAASIN is guaranteed to draw a full house and create a great atmosphere at Bellman early Friday evening. This is a perfect warm-up for Deep Purple later in the evening.