ThursdayAugust 1kl. 22:50Bellmann
SaturdayAugust 3kl. 16:00

We are proud of the growth of young musicians based in Bluesbyen, and of the work that has been done over many years with local talent at Notodden.

Smokestack is a band with roots in local recruitment initiatives such as Little Stevens Blues School, Notodden Talents and the Blues Study at the University of South-Eastern Norway. 

With a love for the blues, Smokestack shares his passion for the genre with the audience. They play music inspired by great legends, but are well underway with the production of their own songs. This is a band you will want to hear more of in the future.

Smokestack mainly consists of Eskil Boyesen Molde (guitar and vocals) and Alexander Aarnes Østbye (guitar and vocals) from Notodden and Anders Sæther (guitar) from Lillestrøm. They bring different musicians on bass and drums according to changing needs. This will be Smokestack's debut at the Notodden Blues Festival.