Volunteers 2019

Volunteers at Notodden Blues Festival

Volunteers at Notodden Blues Festival

To get all the benefits, you must work a minimum of 16 hours in total divided into 2-3 shifts. You get crew passes and access to all concerts. You may experience having to stand in line or come back later as it can get full on the smaller stages. If you work less than the 16 hours, you only get a single day pass for an optional day. In addition, you get 1 t-shirt, food when you are at work and a party on Sunday after the festival is over. When you work as a volunteer, you not only make new acquaintances, but also friends for life!

Voluntary camping is free, but you have to let us know if you want this. If you are going to share the tent with people who are not volunteers, then you must sleep at the official camp sites. Only volunteers can sleep at the volunteer camp.

It is not possible to apply if you are under 16 years old. Some jobs require you to be 18 years of age or older. You will be informed of this when you register. We have no other age limit, so tell everyone you know about applying for a job as a volunteer.

Fill out the application form and check that all information is correct before you press send. You will receive a receipt by email when you have applied. 

Thank you for volunteering!


Our volunteer groups

Event service;

This is our rig group and is with us before, during and after the festival. This group works with everything from rigging the festival's infrastructure and power supply to all the stages, stalls and bars. The group is divided into two; rig, and electricity. To work with the electricity group, you must either have an electrical experience or be a trained electrician.

Artist welfare and hospitality;

These are the people who work directly with the artists who visit out festival. This group is divided into two, and consists of artist service that hosts the artists, works backstage and ensures that our guests feel good when they are here, and artist transport that transports all our guests between airport, hotel and festival. Here you may want to have transport experience and be a safe driver.

Market group;

This gang works in our ticket booths and market stands and sells and exchanges tickets and festival passes, and sells merchandise for the festival. The marketing group provides a public service in that they are also an information kiosk for all our guests.


This is our bar group, and they provide the good atmosphere Notodden Blues Festival is known for. These work in all the bars we have during the festival from sunny mornings to late night hours. No previous knowledge is required here, but you must be 18 years of age to be able to work in our bars.


Our hosting group is our service hosts. These take care of all our guests while they are with us, answer questions and make sure that our guests have a really nice time. They work closely with hired security companies and emergency services, and make sure everyone is well.