Sales stalls

There is a great demand for stalls during Notodden Blues Festival. In order to give the festival’s guests the best offer, both of food and sales stalls, we need you to give us as much information as possible in your application. Present your company as best as possible in the application form with text and images and links to websites. Notodden Blues Festival is Eco-Lighthouse certified and with that sets a number of requirements for the stalls during this year’s festival. Requirements for food carts: – No use of plastic cutlery or serving cutlery that cannot be recycled – No serving of red-marked fish and shellfish on WWF’s seafood list (WWF’s seafood list)

– At least 1 vegetarian option on the menu (the menu is uploaded as an attachment in the application) – No use of palm oil in food production Requirements for arts/crafts/other sales stalls: – Minimal packaging must be used. – The products that are sold must be of good quality and preferably reusable. – Products that is not marked as dangerous goods are preferable. These requirements will be complied with during the event. Prices for stalls in Storgata (festival street) Arts/crafts/other: NOK 3,500 ex VAT per 3×3 m Food sales: NOK 7,500 ex VAT per 3×3 m Electricity: Arts/crafts/other: NOK 400 ex VAT Food sales: NOK 1,000 ex VAT Other streets (Oscar Nissens gate and Øvre Storgata): Arts/crafts/other: NOK 2,000 ex VAT per 3×3 m Food sales: NOK 5,500 ex VAT per 3×3 m You must provide your own tent/cart. State in the info text whether you are coming with a tent or a wagon. It is important that you enter the space you need as accurately as possible. If you have any needs that is not covered in the application form, contact Mari at

By applying, you accept the requirements set by the festival. You can find the application form here: Application form

Application deadline May 1st 2022, 12pm