Jonas Fjeld is playing this years “Somliga”-concert.

Jonas Fjeld to the traditional “Somliga” concert during the Notodden Blues Festival 2023!

The stage is set for a concert experience of the greats when the popular artist Jonas Fjeld and his band come to this year’s “Somliga concert” when the Notodden Blues Festival 2023 ends on Sunday 6. August with the festival’s traditional free concert “Somliga går med trasige skor”.

Artists cannot retire, even when they pass 70. It’s about continuing as long as there is breath in the lungs, as long as there are feelings to convey, and as long as there is an audience out there that will listen. Jonas Fjeld is in the fortunate position that he has both the creative power intact and the ability to continue. At the same time, he has a large audience that knows how to appreciate an artist who always delivers and surprises. 70 years is no age these days, even for an artist. There was a time when it was assumed that artists had to give up when they passed 40, but fortunately times have changed. Now “well-grown” artists are respected for their art and admired for their perseverance. Jonas Fjeld has been very involved in this development.

«Somliga går med trasige skor» is a collaboration with the Norwegian trade union movement associated with LO and is a beloved event during the festival which is visited by 3,000-5,000 guests annually.

“With Jonas Fjeld and his eminent band on stage, this will be a perfect Sunday concert at Notodden,” says Forsberg.

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