Vintage Trouble finally to Notodden!

Vintage Trouble is finally ready for Notodden Bluesfestival 2018! They're one of the toughest band around in our genre right now, and their explosive and high energetic concerts offers the audience unforgettable moments and hit after hit!

In their own magical way, Vintage Trouble offers music that satisfies everyone who loved Rivals Sons concert in Notodden in 2015, as well as thos who remembers Wee Willie Walkers amazing concert in 2016 as their highlight of the year. Such a musical surprise like this, is hard to imagine, but it's just what the magicians of Vintage Trouble are serving us. They're growing up to be a favorite both amongst the audience and at festivalsctages around the world. 

Vintage Trouble have during the later years, warmed up for bands like AC/DC and The Who. They've taken the audience by storm with their extreme energy and sassy abilitie to play Led Zeppelin-inspired rock at one moment and in the next play Al Green-inspired soul. Vocalist Ty Taylor charms people with his presence as a mix of James Brown, Otis Redding and Tina Turner. Vintage Trouble is the prefect match the lit the audience on fire at Notodden Blues Festival Saturday night, August 4th.