Rootsville artists of the year!

It was an instant hit when Notodden Blues Festival introduced the Americana, Roots and Country stage "Rootsville" for the first time at the 2019 festival. The crowd flocked to experience popular local artists such as Byting, The Boots Band, Spinning Wheels, etc. .

The crowd poured in and when Byting went on stage, Rootsville was sold out. With a pre-booked and somewhat expanded program already, Notodden Blues Festival sees the contours of a new Rootsville success this summer.

The Rootsville 2020 Program Committee has chosen to increase its ambitions somewhat, and has invited Nashville-based artist Kinsey Rose. Vocalist and songwriter Kinsey Rose has been associated with the environment from before through appearances at The Bull Inn in Bø and elsewhere in Norway in recent years. Kinsey Rose is thus known to many. It is the local musicians of The Boots Band who will be the band for Kinsey Rose during the concert in Rootsville.

Kinsey Rose is guaranteed to be a popular booking for the Rootsville crowd. This time it was deliberately chosen to get a clear female profile in the program. In addition to Kinsey Rose, local talent Aina Wassvik, Lene Nevisdal and The Rosehill Project are also included in the program set. The festival atmosphere is probably ensured when the program is then supplemented with local favorites Byting, Spinning Wheels Band, The Boots Band and Wild Whens.

Byting, Spinning Wheels, Wild Whens and The Boots Band have all already released, or are about to launch, new albums and videos since the festival last summer. Spinning Wheels has even performed for a sold-out Oslo Spectrum as a warm-up for Brad Paisley at the invitation of the country star himself. “I am impressed by the creativity and seriousness of the musicians in this environment and their willingness to focus on the music. It is clear that they will be part of our festival. It is the environment itself that books the artists to this stage, and I think they have once again done a brilliant and thoughtful job of focusing on local and regional artists with a reasonable inclusion from the capital Nashville, ”says festival director Jostein Forsberg.