Cedric Burnside

SaturdayAugust 3kl. 15:30Folk and Blues
FridayAugust 2kl. 16:15Folk and Blues

It is a pleasure to finally have Cedric Burnside back at the Notodden Blues Festival. Cedric Burnside IS blues – Mississippi Hill Country Blues. Few artists know this form of music better than him.

As the son of drummer Calvin Jackson and grandson of blues legend R.L. He was born into Burnside and grew up with the distinctive and hypnotic blues from North Mississippi. R. L. Burnside played two wild concerts at Notodden in 1995, and Cedric Burnside played at Notodden in 2009 together with Lightnin’ Malcolm as “Two Man Wrecking Crew”.

In 2009, they had just won the Blues Music Awards for the album “Two Man Wrecking Crew”. Now Cedric returns under his own name, and as GRAMMY winner 2022 for the album “I Be Trying”. Cedric Burnside grew up in the home of his famous grandfather, blues legend RL Burnside.

There was music all the time. For young Cedric, the blues became part of life and a way out into the world. At just 13 years old, he took over the drum job in grandfather R.L. Burnside’s band after dad Calvin Jackson. Young Cedric toured with grandfather R.L. Burnside and Kenny Brown and grew into the role of one of Mississippi Hill Country blues’ new standard bearers. Now he safeguards the tradition while developing and bringing Mississippi Hill Country Blues to new generations. This is blues that is real, real, real, and a joy to be able to offer the audience at Notodden Blues Festival 2