The Notodden Blues Festival will be a festival for everyone - regardless of functional ability.

We want to create a good festival experience for everyone who visits - or lives in - Notodden during our festival.

Notodden is a hilly town and the main area for the festival is in the middle of the town center surrounded by old protected buildings. It's a fantastic city to organize a festival in and we make arrangements for everyone as far as possible.


We do not offer a telephone loop or interpretation service.

If you have input on how we can become even better at making things easier for everyone, please send us an email to nbf@bluesfest.no


Where can I find HC-toilets?

There are HC-toilets at every part of our festival. 


We will make a make available closer to the summer. 

How does the festival area look like?

The Notodden Blues Festival stretches from Bok & Blueshuset by Heddalsvannet through the center and up to Myren's dam.

The surface in the center is cobblestone and asphalt and is mostly easily accessible. In some places it can be somewhat challenging, but we do our best to mark and build transitions and ramps where possible.