As a volunteer, you are more than just an audience. You get the opportunity to see the festival from the inside, be the face of the festival externally and create an unforgettable festival experience for the audience, artists and partners.

When you work as a volunteer, you not only make new acquaintances, but also friends for life!

When you work as a volunteer, you not only make new acquaintances, but also friends for life!

Our volunteers are invaluable to the festival. They are the heart of the festival. They are the ones who ensure that the festival gets up and running, that everything works and that our audience has a great experience.

As a volunteer during the Notodden Blues Festival, you can choose whether you want to work before, during or after the festival. We have more than enough to do and we always have room for more.

There are countless reasons why you choose to volunteer, whether it is because you are so fond of the genre or whether it is the desire to do something for others, then we are equally grateful to everyone who makes an effort for the festival.

As a volunteer, you get some benefits for the work done. It works like this:

  • To get a festival pass for all days, you must work a minimum of 16 hours spread over 2-3 shifts. Festival pass gives you access to all of the festival's stages subject to availability.
  • If you work 8-16 hours, you get a day pass for a day of your choice. With a day pass, you will get access to all the festival's stages on the chosen day.
  • You receive a crew t-shirt and food vouchers at check-in upon arrival at Notodden.

Our volunteer groups

Artist welfare

These are the people who work directly with the artists who visit the festival. This group is divided into two, and consists of artist services that host the artists, work backstage and ensure that our guests have a good time when they are here, and artist transport that transports all our guests between the airport, hotel and festival. Here, it may be a good idea to have transport experience and be a safe driver.

Leaders of this group are:

Tonje Brokke (tonje@bluesfest.no)

Geir Olav Oterholt (geir@bluesfest.no)


This is our bar gang, and they ensure the good atmosphere Notodden Blues Festival is known for. These work in all the bars we have during the festival from sunny mornings until late at night. No prior knowledge is required here, but you must be 18 years of age to be able to work in our bars.

Leaders of this group are:

Lene Rask Hagen (lene@bluesfest.no)

Oda Amalie Kise Hjertstrøm (oda@bluesfest.no).

Voluntary welfare

This is the group for you who want to take care of your fellow volunteers. This group is responsible for the volunteer camp, the volunteer office, serving and food production for Little Steven's Blues School band camp 1, and keeping the good atmosphere up among our own people.

Leaders of this group are:

Lucy Odberg (lucy@bluesfest.no)

Andrea Haukvik (andrea@bluesfest.no).


Our hosting group is our service hosts. These take care of all our guests while they are with us, answer questions and ensure that our guests have a good time. They work closely with hired security companies and emergency services, and make sure that everyone is well.

Leaders of this group are:

Ann Helen Bornstedt (annhelen@bluesfest.no)

Anne Bente Lien (annebente@bluesfest.no).

Blues shop

This gang works in our sales booths and sells and exchanges tickets and passports for bands, and sells merchandise for the festival. Bluesshop provides a public service in that they are also an information kiosk for all our guests.

The leader of this group is:

Maren Hagen (maren@bluesfest.no)


This is our rigging group and is with us before, during and after the festival. This gang works with everything from rigging the festival's infrastructure and power supply to all the stages, sales booths and bars. The group is divided into two; rig, and power. To work with the power group, you must either have electrical experience or a qualified electrician.

Leaders of this group are:

Olav Aanjesen (olav@bluesfest.no)

Glenn Isaksen (glenn@bluesfest.no)