Anan Popovic is coming back to Notodden in 2024!

Notodden Blues Festival releases a new specially ordered concert with the award-winning guitarist and singer Ana Popovic. With that, the festival continues to add strong female artist profiles to its artist list for 2024.

Ana Popovic comes to Notodden with her new musical adventure "FANTASTAFUNK" Big Band Project. "Female artists are important and popular in Notodden. They communicate well with our audience, and they tell stories that are important to convey. Ana Popovic joins already signed female artists such as Vanessa Collier, Annika Chambers, Terrie Odabi, Lady A and British Elles Bailey. It's good signals to send out," says artistic director of the Notodden Blues Festival, Jostein Forsberg.

The US-based Serbian blues artist Ana Popovic surprises by bringing a brand new band project to the Notodden Blues Festival. Notodden is one of Ana's favorite festivals. She played at the festival for the first time when she released her debut album in 2001. Since then she has performed at the festival several times, most recently in 2023 as a special guest with Supersonic Blues Machine. Then she was also honored with her own star on the Notodden Blues Walk of Fame. Popovic says it best himself: "Thank you Notodden Blues Festival! My own star at the blues walk of fame! I'm truly honored. We go way back – 2001 when I opened your festival and it’s been love for you ever since!”