Elles Bailey, Israel Nash and Shandon Sahm at Rootsville Americana stage!

Since 2019, the Rootsville Americana stage has been a great success at the Notodden Blues Festival.

"Rootsville has been a popular innovation from day one for the Notodden Blues Festival. It has been very successful for us to bet on roots and Americana in collaboration with the local local country scene. I am happy that we have achieved this collaboration. It has been a creative and positive process that has benefited the audience. Now we are increasing our ambitions in terms of programming, and are also upgrading both the stage and production," says artistic director Jostein Forsberg of the Notodden Blues Festival.

The programming for Rootsville has been concentrated around the popular local artists. We continue with that, but after three years with local bands, we are expanding the spectrum even further. Byting, Ni Liv, Spinning Wheels, The Boots Band and Anne Fagermo are still included, but new artists are British Elles Bailey, American Israel Nash, Texas artist Shandon Sahm and Norwegian The Contenders.

Both Elles Bailey and Israel Nash are new exciting artists who are in the water crust for big breakthroughs, and Shandon Sahm will make songs by his father, Texas legend Doug Sahm. Doug Sahm, along with Delbert McClinton, is regarded as one of the godfathers of Americana music. It is Norwegian The Contenders who will be the backing band for Shandon Sahm. The Contenders will also play music from their new album, which will be released in the days surrounding the festival.

"We are keeping the identity of Rootsville as it has become a success formula for us, but at the same time lifting it up a bit and forward. We've had some comments that it's time to bring something new to Rootsville. We have done that now, but I am still of the opinion that we should support the local artists as we do with our blues programming," says Jostein Forsberg.

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